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Age 13 Birthday Banner Pink And Silver Holographic Recyclable 13th Birthday Party Banner

Age 13 Birthday Banner Pink And Silver Holographic Recyclable 13th Birthday Party Banner

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Our holographic banners are 2.6m long, they can be used as one long banner, or split into 3 smaller banners as the pattern repeats. They can also be worn as a sash!
Each pack contains one banner, no assembly required.
We strongly believe in doing our bit for the planet, please keep in mind that banners can be stored and reused.
Banners are made with a plastic/nylon, synthetic material that is recyclable but it does not biodegrade. They will stay in landfill forever, so ensure to recycle them along with your recyclable plastics.
Don't forget to check out our entire range. If you like this we recommend our matching badge, or one of our pre made party kits. We've everything from candles, balloons, bunting, badges, banners, tableware and confetti. You name it, we can supply it!
If you need any help, or party advice, please get in touch, we’d be happy to help. Your items may vary slightly from the image, this can be due to screen resolution, or manufacturer changes, but we will always ensure your items match, so please don’t worry!
Banners can be used both indoors and outdoors, and are reusable with long lasting colours.
We'd recommend using blu tak or sticky tape to hang the banners, they are folded to pack them. Be sure to pull them nice and tight as this allows creases to disappear and it let the banner sparkle and shine as much as possible!
Don't forget that banners can be stored and kept as a keep sake or put in a memory box. This is a particularly good idea for poignant birthdays and events.
Wall banners are an essential addition to any birthday party, and this large and colourful foil wall banner is perfect for adding extra excitement to the occasion!
This extra long party banner can be used as one complete length, or can be separated along the perforations in to three identical sections measuring approximately 84cm each.

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