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Various Designs Bundle H (Banner, Balloon, Badge) Ages 1 to 80

Various Designs Bundle H (Banner, Balloon, Badge) Ages 1 to 80

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Various Designs Bundle H (Banner, Balloon, Badge) Ages 1 to 80

These quality party products are a convenient and easy way for you to decorate room or outdoor space, enhancing the party atmosphere and leaving a memorable experience for your guests, and making a memorable birthday. Thank you for shopping with our growing UK based family business.

This budget friendly kit contains:

-1 Pack of latex balloons. Our Latex balloons can be inflated up to 9 inches, with air or helium, the choice is yours. They are bright and colourful and will last for ages. Air filled balloons will last for days, helium filled will float for between 6 and 8 hours.

Something we are asked a lot is- are latex balloons eco friendly? The answer is yes and no.The latex balloons we stock are made from natural products. One tree can produce latex for 40 years.Latex balloons decompose at the same rate as wood fibres. Does this mean it’s OK to release latex balloons into the air? No. While latex balloons are biodegradable,the time it takes balloons to decompose varies based on environmental conditions.After your party we recommend popping them(literally)in your compost bin.

1- Foil Party Banner. The Holographic Recyclable Birthday Party Banner is perfect for celebrating your birthday. A bold modern print design with a subtle shine that is a perfect decoration to hang across walls, around tables, doors, staircases to name but a few places. Please Note: Keep away from young children due to potential strangulation hazard. Plastic bags can be dangerous, to avoid danger of suffocation, keep these bags away from children under 36 months. This packaging contains metal staples, please dispose of safely. Our holographic banners are 2.6m long, they can be used as one long banner, or split into 3 smaller banners as the pattern repeats. They can also be worn as a sash! Each pack contains one banner, no assembly required. We strongly believe in doing our bit for the planet, please keep in mind that banners can be stored and reused. Banners are made with a plastic/nylon, synthetic material that is recyclable but it does not biodegrade. They will stay in landfill forever, so ensure to recycle them along with your recyclable plastics.

1- Badge. Birthday badge measures 6" (15cm) in diameter. It can be worn or displayed as it has a clip / pin and a stand. Badges can be kept as a keep sake, reused for another year or recycled by splitting the components. Our badges are high quality and will last for years! You can either wear them, put them on display, keep them as a keep sake or reuse them.


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